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Shower Pods

Shower Pods contain everything you need in the    shower or bath to  foam ,cream, cleanse ,exfoliate and fragrance.   They are a butter consistency enriched with cocoa butter and plant based glycerine.

Pods are super lathery and leave skin feels moisturised, nourished and hydrated and leaving you super-fresh.

The fragrances are the real stars of the show. Unlike with may shower gels where the fragrance makes it way down the plug hole, the fragrance will not only linger on the skin all day and make you feel your best but also your bathroom will smell great too.

Exfoliants range from extremely gentle bamboo to more scrubby botanical seeds, poppy, jojoba, and heathers, and nut powders.  All of these are completely natural.

  You can use the shower pod many times from at least to 3 to up to  8 uses.

Great for travel and the gym simply pop the waterproof cup in your bag. No leakages.

The container is  fully compostable so not only do you have the benefit of an eco friendly natural product but even the container will not leave it’s footprint.

Kind to you and kind to the environment.

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