A collection of books containing 12 different fragranced, natural soy Wax Melts.
Each book has a theme where the melts and scents follow on. The perfect gift for Wax Melt enthusiasts!
Join us on a fragrance journey…
This journal walks us through a journey across the world with scents! From the beautiful aroma of Frangipani lining the streets in Bali to the fields of purple lavender through Provence, there are 12 fragrances, each one completely different to the last.

Fragrance Journal

  • Includes:
    Corfu- Jasmine
    The Costwolds- Rose
    Bali- Frangipani
    The Isle of Aaran- Heather
    Hawaii- Coconut
    Provence- Lavender
    Jaipur- Spices
    Dubai- Oud
    Jamaica- Cocoa Dust
    Seville- Orange Blossom
    Thailand- Lemongrass
    Tuscany- Rosemary & Mint